Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Take a pragmatic approach to building world class Hybrid clouds

Many customers are delivering products/services to market faster by using automation and cloud via integration of their existing tools and IT processes. Tech Data wants to provide you a competitive edge by leveraging your existing tools and IT processes into a highly efficient automated end-to-end process. Our team is highly skilled in designing multi-vendor end-to-end automation / cloud solutions and offer the following:


  • Cloud Solution Design / Cloud Service Definition – Our team is well versed in designing multi-vendor cloud solutions and can help determine and define cloud use cases and service offerings for you.


  • End to End Application Lifecycle / Operations Automation / Configuration Management – We have extensive knowledge of the tools that enable a complete end-to-end service management solution including portal creation, CMDB integration, workflow orchestration, and automated network, storage, compute and security provisioning.


  • Data / Event / Process Integration – Tech Data connectors load real time data into the cloud, keeping inventory up to date for accurate self service provisioning of assets and increased time to value for cloud projects.

Full Featured Cloud Computing Solution

    Customers know where they want to go, how to get there is where we come in, we help accelerate your time to value by:

  • Leveraging your existing assets to automate service requests for Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-service for dynamic testing, disaster recovery, on demand-collaborative developer environments, and bursting of capacity.
  • Reducing cost to build by using our cloud connector products (event, data, and process)to accelerate new or existing deployments and reduce time to value of IT Operations and DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment projects which require a COTS CMDB/CMS. For example, when a user wants to provision 100 new VMs, disk, network and IP address capacity for a two week test regression cycle, Tech Data products enable request response at time of request and enable the automation of the workloads.
  • Providing visualization of your cloud strategy via our cloud demo lab allows customers to “preview” and “test” multiple cloud solutions, side by side, to help shorten project design and build as well as help reduce potential project risks, costly business processes, and extended use case design cycles.
  • Offering unique insight to data center costs through a centralized BI portal which enables customers to make future strategic decisions based on consolidated financial data.